Music & Lyrics by Kerry Drabing / Vocals by Phil Hughey

How can I even be so damned cruel,
When I take your little heart and then I break it in two,
When all that you wanted was to give me your love,
and I make you feel like it's not enough.

It's Beyond Me
How an angel can fall from the heaven above right into my arms.
It's Beyond Me
Why you stay by my side, when I've broken your heart with my foolish pride.

Well, I take the blame when we scream and shout,
Well, It's always my fault, baby, it's never a doubt,
And I make mistakes, yea, but you take me back still,
And I'm just hoping that you always will.


It's Beyond Me, How you see in my soul,
It's Beyond Me, How you never let go,
It's Beyond Me, Why you stay by my side.
It's Beyond Me and my foolish pride.


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