Diablo Insomniac


(Best if played back on a "jammi'n" audio system)
(This song will sound "cheezy" on lap-top and phone speakers)

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The Devil never sleeps!

Save Me, Yea, From these wicked, evil dreams.
C'est La Vie, Oh, Diablo never sleeps!

I'm wasted away, I've sealed my fate-
on a one way trip to hell as the sun begins to fade.
Shadows fall, all across these lonely walls-
as I try to make it through to the light of day.


I close my eyes, embrace the night-
and suddenly my empty dreams are shattered from inside.
I'm holding on, I can only hope for dawn-
as I ride this midnight train and the battle rages on.


I'm feeling betrayed, I'm fading to gray-
the shadows are closing in as my soul is ripped away.
I'm all alone, down here on my own-
and now I see, it's up to me, to take back my soul.

(Chorus X 2)

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