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Let's take a Drive

I gently turn the key and the engine, she roars to life.
I've got a real need for speed cause acceleration gets me high.

When I Drive, My Awesome Ride, I wanna Fly.

I roll on down the street, past the old city limit sign,
Then she lays me back in the seat and you can kiss my ass goodbye.

When I Drive, My Awesome Ride, I wanna Fly, It gets me high.

She's my only vice-
She's a twin cam - dual turbo - mean machine,
She ripp's through the gears with the greatest of ease,
She's the fastest land jet I've ever seen,
When her multi-port, fuel injected rocket engine screams-

I lean into the curve, pullin' more than 3 G's
Then I shoot into the straight away and hammer down at top speed.


( Bridge II )
I'm cruzin down that open road,
Trying to clear my mind,
Crankin' up the radio,
Leaving my cares behind.


When I Drive My Awesome Ride!


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