Music by Kerry Drabing / Lyrics & Vocals by Phil Hughey

Yea. Janie, time's taken it's toll but leads you down that
winding road, but it's gone now, all the times lead me
back to somewhere in my mind. If I could do it over again,
I'd spend more time with this friend, Cause memories never end.
Yea, never end.

I remember when I was just a kid, well, picnick's,
talking, laughing, things we did.
Well, you were the one to make everyone smile,
to be like you would make my heart worth while.

After all, we're sad apart, you were so loved and
you were so smart, your always in my heart.
Always there, now you're gone, but your heart and
love just carries on, and you'll always be deep inside,
cause my heart's a place where you can hide.


I could write up a big long list, to tell you all that I miss.
It can't get worse than this. No, worse than this.
I know you always tried to please me, I know your life's
never been easy. In my mind you did everything right, but
without you, this world dont seem so bright.

All the things I know as such, your gentle smile and
loving touch, you are missed so much. Yea, missed so much.

Well, if I could turn back the hands of time, I'd be with you
till the end of the line, so the love I lost, I'd find.


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