Music by Kerry Drabing / Lyrics & Vocals by Phil Hughey

I know you've left me again, you left me before, I've got the same feeling.
Your bodies here but your mind just ain't, It's time to start the healing.
Well the words don't come like they used to, I can't find the words to make you stay,
But if I could you know I would, I can't go on this way,
So start the healing.

Mend this broken heart, start the healing, the one you tore apart, after healing.
and now it's all gone numb, got no feeling, so you and I can start the healing.

You once said you liked my smile but now you can't stand to see me.
The words I used to say to make you feel good, now you don't believe me.
Now I plead and beg forgiveness for the things you only think I 've done,
but the words you say, they hold more pain than a bullet from a gun,
So start the healing.



So you and I can start the healing.

I compare the things I've done to things I am facing.
The only thing I can keep is the loneliness I'm embracing.
Well, I begged you not to leave me, I asked you to stay a little more.
To help me ease my broken heart, but ain't that what love's for?
So start the healing



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